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For our clients, we offer a full range of supplies, filters and a biodegradable agent. We do not forget about our post-warranty customers, providing service and access to spare parts at affordable prices. We offer :


  • Flexible quickX filter systems
  • Flanges and silicone tubes
  • An active biodegradable DPF / FAP Extra Power Cleaner
  • Hoses and connection systems
  • Filters
  • Spare parts
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Active DPF / FAP CLEANER Extra Power
It is the highest-class active cleaning agent. The unique composition allows even better purification of DPF, FAP, GPF or catalysts, giving even better results compared to standard DPF detergents available on the market. Thanks to our products, the filter cleaning process takes place at low operating costs - which also has a positive impact on the environment.
Flanges and mounting tubes
Selecting the right flange and tube is one of the most important factors in the process of revitalization and treatment of the particulate filter. Their proper adjustment allows to achieve the necessary sealing which is an important factor in the hydrodynamic process of filter regeneration.
Replacement filters
Each of our machines is equipped with a set of filters enabling work in a closed system. These filters are designed to clean up the active agent from solid impurities. Depending on the contamination of the filter and its type (whether it is DPF, FAP, GPF or catalyst), the filter assembly should be replaced at the appropriate frequency.
Flexible quickX filter systems
An additional adapter for attaching non-standard filters or catalysts. Made of stainless steel, it has been properly protected against the conditions in which it must work. Thanks to its construction, you can connect every filter quickly and without problems.
Hoses and connection systems
In our offer you will find a wide range of hoses and adapters. Suitable for both active agent and special high-temperature connection hoses (used for DPF MASTER FLASH dryers)
New cleaner DPF
A new cleaner will be available soon. Details soon.

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